Origins of the Spiritual Strengths Finder

Hello, my name is Dr. Richard Johnson; I’m the creator of the Spiritual Strengths Healing Program.   I think of the program as God’s program, I’m only a simple scribe.  I believe that God created all this; but God did give me the insight to see this incredible healing power in action, and to form it into a system, a plan … a plan we now call the Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan. 

Let me try to explain. We all struggle with brokenness on many levels:  

First,    We can suffer physically.  Perhaps even now you’re suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, lung diseases, MS, lupus … it’s seems there’s no end to the list. 

Second,   We can suffer from psychological disorders or syndromes such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and the like.  

Third,  We can suffer from emotional pain, like relationship heartache, grief, loss, guilt, shame, and so many more unnamed emotional issues. 

Finally, we can even suffer from spiritual dis-eases, such as lifelessness, faultfinding, avoidance, or insecurity.

 We all need healing, deep healing, inner healing, and this only comes from God. For 15 years I worked in a large teaching hospital, shoulder-to-shoulder, teaching doctors and nurses the art of medicine.  There in the hospital,  I realized that illnesses of any sort offer mammoth opportunities for spiritual growth.  The SSF grew out of this realization.  

 The Spiritual Strengths Finder (SSF) is like nothing else, people marvel at the 20 page personalized analysis of their unique spiritual strengths and healing type, that the Spiritual Strengths Finder generates.   

People are amazed by the accuracy of their Spiritual Strengths Finder report; they are enlivened by its directness, and most of all they are motivated to view their illness or brokenness in an entirely new light. 

The results of your Spiritual Strengths Finder give you practical and personal information that forms the basis for your personal healing plan. 

The Spiritual Strengths Finder combines the latest statistical and psychological technology with solid qualitative research, it then wraps all this into a personal plan that stands on solid principles embraced by all Christian denominations. 

This program is not some New Age hocus-pocus. Like the woman with hemorrhage, in the scripture story, we are each called to reach for the hem of his garment.  Remember what Jesus said to the crowd that day?  “Someone has touched me, I can feel the power draining from me.”  That power is still with us today; God has placed it in us freely, we can tap into it, but we need a plan and we need the tools. 

The Spiritual Strengths Healing Program provides the tools and the plan for you. The Spiritual Strengths Program is a healing program, not a curing program!  The Spiritual Strengths Program is designed to augment, not replace, existing medical and/or psychological treatment. 

The Spiritual Strengths Finder also identifies your personal healing blocks or obstacles, negative forces that have been holding you back from receiving maximum healing benefit. 

Once you take your own Spiritual Strengths Finder, you are then ready to begin your personal Spiritual Strengths Healing Program. 

Thousands of people have already taken the program and used it for healing everything from weight loss to MS, from depression to cancer, and from marriage counseling to diabetes.   

When you read my book, Discover Your Spiritual Strengths, you’ll learn all about that.  But for right now, it’s time to take the Spiritual Strengths Finder and begin your healing journey.  Thank you.


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