The Spiritual Strengths Healing Institute

The Spiritual Strengths Healing Institute...

Seeks to extend ongoing Christian healing ministry by focusing on three areas...

1. Healing for You. To help individuals find healing in body, mind and/or spirit the Institute offers the Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan.

2. SSF Certification for Healing Professionals. Certify professionals to use the SSF, Spiritual Strengths Finder: counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, pastoral care professionals, spiritual directors, marriage counselors, priests, ministers, hospice and palliative care workers, retirement residence professionals, church personnel, teachers, etc.

3. Train and Certify Spiritual Strengths Healing Coaches. The Institute uses proprietary materials and curriculum to prepare individuals who seek to develop a healing coaching practice of whatever sort.

Healing occurs on many different levels: body, mind, and spirit. 

We certainly want the best medical care for our body. 

Likewise we need to choose the best spiritual care that can activate the healing dynamo within us. 

Spiritual growth is Healing ... helping to close the chasm between ourselves and God.




The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan awakens God's power within you in a most unique way. 

The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan is designed for persons who would like spiritual assistance to deepen their life, or to help them with any of a wide variety of life issues:

1) Physical Sickness

2) Emotional Maladies

3) Spiritual dis-eases

The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan

  • Opens you to an entirely new way of tapping into your God-given power.

  • Offers a better way of bringing peace, calm, confidence, and faith to our life journey.

  • Rests on a Christian base, yet it is quite open, ecumenical, and inclusive; it offers healing to persons of any philosophical and/or theological foundation.


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